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Welcome to Holten Gundogs

Holten's Lea brings a pheasant after a nice eyewipe at Brahetrolleborg Castle Winners Trail

From the 2014 training tour to Midlands, UK, together with Jane Fairclough, Laura Hill, Guy Bennett and Ben Randall


My breeding of Labradors is based on dogs that are used for practical game shooting as well as Field Trailing

Before choosing a stud dog for my bitches a thorough research in to the breeding lines is done and mainly FTCH dogs with proven track record are choosen

Game finding abilities, obediance, steadiness and cooperation is of higest priority


The aim of my breeding is to breed easy to handle, good companions - which, for the best result, should be treated and trained in the spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation.

My dogs - young as old, are a part of the fammily and lives in the house together with us. Our dogs joins the daily living together with the family as much as possible.


No dogs from my Kennel will be used for breeding unless they are tested free from hereditady diseases, proven A hips and elbows = 0 and proven at Field Trails

A written Guarantee follows all pups from the Kennel.



Updated  12. Februry 2015